Down By the Bank

IMG_3991Last week I went on a little beach trip with my best friend becca! We had soo much fun going from beach to beach and hiking! We took a lot of pics that I will be sharing. On the first day we went down by the bay and walked along a pier and shopped. We even found a little museum about the marine life of the bay. It was so fun just chatting, shopping, and looking at the water.











The Great Barrier Reef


Since it is one of the natural wonders of the world it should come to no surprise that I fell in love with this place. But seriously the scuba diving here was unreal. We were on this big boat where they fed us yummy snacks and drove to all the different reefs and I saw sharks and beautiful fish ( There was even a really friendly one that I got to pet! But don’t tell anyone thats not really allowed. ). Also another highlight was going to this adorable little zoo and holding a koala! I literally started crying it was amazing.





Me and my Sissy





Pack Up. Check In. Board.



Pack up. Check in. Board. Take off. Land. Then the heart fluttering starts, you know the adventure is about to begin. This is what you daydream about. A new playground to explore. Its like opening a present.These are the memories that stay with you forever. Seeing the world realising that your home town is a spec in the world and seeing how different locations, or languages, or weather can change so much.

Home. usually consists of some variation of four walls and a roof. Not to me. The earth is my home. I don’t need to sleep in the same bed every night. I need to travel. I need to see the world. It reminds me of how small I am. I get humbled by every place I go to. I need adventure. I cannot stay in one place for more than 5 seconds. I need to see beautiful things and meet beautiful people.

I have a wandering soul. Everything is so temporary. People are dying every day. Every thing is changing. So you must take every single chance and not think twice about it. Fall madly in love, with the world, with yourselves, with the ones around you. Don’t worry if you will get hurt cause you will, and thats beautiful. Being hurt or broken or damaged isn’t something to be ashamed of its something to be proud of. It shows you lived and you tried and you loved.

~ Jessika Taylor

Favorites| Bikini Shops


Since it is officially summer I wanted to tell you about my favourite places to buy bikinis! I absolutely love bikinis and swimming and the ocean so I thought this would be perfect! I wanted to tell you my favourite cheap bikinis and more expensive bikinis. So without further ado lets get into it!

Forever 21- I think forever 21 bikinis are under estimated. They are ridiculously cheap and super trendy. I will say they sometimes bleed and may only last one summer but if you are still growing and want lots of bikinis this is the perfect place for you.

Rip Curl, Oneill, Volcom – Im putting these under the same category because they are pretty similar brands and can be found at any surf shops. You can also find these brands at stores like Tillys and Pacsun. These bikinis are slightly price but they are really good quality. These are probably my favourite bikinis. These are perfect if you surf or swim.

Zennor – They are 4 way reversible! you basically get 4 bikinis in one! They have some of the cutest patterns and are reasonably priced. But they are based out of Britain so you will have to order online if you aren’t from there and it may take a while to ship.

L*space – This is a pricey bikini shop but it is so cute its worth it! My fav thing about this shop is that you can design your own bikini! So when your friends ask where you got your bikini you can say I made it myself.

Big Wave Bay, Hong Kong

IMG_0163IMG_0224IMG_0247IMG_0267IMG_0271 IMG_0290 IMG_0299 IMG_0382

 Spent Chinese New Year in Hong Kong this year. It was so nice to visit family friends and explore the beautiful city. I didn’t realise Hong Kong had hiking trails and beaches I thought it was all skyscrapers, boy was I wrong. The trails are amazing the one we took led to Big Wave Bay which is a surfing beach, makes sense considering its called big wave bay. On another note I ate at the most amazing restaurant on one of my last nights, it was called Ho Lee Fouk (pronounced fook), and ho lee fook was it good! If you ever find yourself in Hong Kong you have to go!! Its a very hipster restaurant so dress up and check it out, you won’t regret it!