Amsterdam Travel Diary


This is my second time in Amsterdam. I went last October I think and its honestly so darn cute. I think I could spend a month here and not get bored of it. This time around I got to see things I didn’t get to see last time like the Anne Frank Huis. It was hands down the best museum I’ve ever been to. I am so glad I finally got to check that off my bucket list.

This was our schedule for the day…

7:00 Am – Breakfast at the hotel. I ordered pancakes and I guess pancakes are like thinker crepes here so that was interesting.

8:oo Am – Pack up our hotel. Get ready. I only packed a carry on and honestly it was the best decision of my life! No waiting for package claim, or having to lug a huge bag everywhere.

9:00 Am – Van Gogh Museum. It was very interesting. I was kind of disappointed when I saw that the Scream was crayon on cardboard. But it was still beautiful. The Sunflower painting was the best one by far.

10:30 Am – Anne Frank Huis. Amazing. If you are ever in Amsterdam you must see this! Buy tickets online though because its usually booked 3 months in advance and waiting in line can seriously take 5 hours!

12:30 Pm – Hot Chocolate and French fry break. This is honestly the best snack combo ever.

1:00 Pm – Bloemenmarkt. Honestly its pretty lame this time of year. They had some random flowers but not many.

1:30 Pm- Driving to Brussels.

3:00 Pm – Stop in Antwerp. Photo/ Hot Chocolate/ Bathroom/ Get me out of this car break.

4:00 Pm- Arrive in Brussels. Go to Hotel. Go straight to bed because I have jet lag ahah.

That was pretty much it for my day in Amsterdam! It was really fun and I got to see a lot.

Xo Jessika


Paris + B Day


I’m in Paris!!! And its my birthday! Honestly my birthday its something I don’t care too much about but this one is the best one yet. Last year I was alone in the Philippines so that was horrible and anything is a step up. I am so glad I am here it is sooo incredibly beautiful. There aren’t too many places I visit where I say ‘I need to come back some day’ but this is definitely one of those places.

I am so sorry for the lighting in some of the photos usually I have my boyfriend or my friend Angel take photos for me at home. But since they can’t be here its harder for me to figure out haha.

Jessika Xo


Poodle Jackets + Hippy Vans


So I found this poodle jacket on sale and Im obsessed with it! It is so comfy and I think its so unique. I don’t think my BF loves it but thats okay he thinks Birkenstocks are cool… I feel like it will look good when I go to paris! Also how cool is this hippy van! I really want a light blue one and drive up the coast of California with it. Thats on my bucket list for sure.


Cute Bow Braid Hairstyle

A bow braid hairstyle I did for Christmas Eve! I saw a photo of a braid like this on pinterest and decided to try it out. It was surprisingly easy.


And here are some pics from my christmas week! I went to the snow with my family friends and went skiing. I have been skiing like 4 times in my whole life and the last time I was 8. So there were a lot of face plants haha.


Xo Jessika


Current Fashion Favs


Jacket- It was a gift, Sweater- old navy, Skirt- Abercrombie, Boots- DSW

For me my style is changing all the time! Which is how its suppose to be I think. But there are 3 things that I have been loving for the past few months that I couldn’t live without. And those are a leather jacket, a pair of thigh high boots (they just make you feel so badass), and a big bag to stick all my stuff in. If I have those 3 things then I am set!

Xo Jessika





Love is a choice?


Sweater- a surf shop in Australia, Dress- Tilly’s, Boots- DSW,

Today someone told me that they believed love was a choice and not a feeling, that was so weird to me. I had never heard that, I always thought that love is when you are really happy or someone gives you butterflies or something. But the fact that it is a choice makes so much sense to me now. Because feelings change all the time sometimes people annoy me to death and sometimes they make me so incredibly happy. So if I was going by my feelings the list of people I loved would change 300 times a day but really the people I love are the ones I actively choose to be part of my life they are the ones I want to help become the best version of them self. And sometimes the people I love the most are the ones that test me and that don’t make me happy all the time. I found it so comforting to know that I can still love people if they make me sad or mad or hurt me. So I decided to share this just incase it helps anyone else out.

Xo Jessika


Zoo Date


Animals and babies are tied for my favorite things in the whole world! They are so stinking cute so the zoo is always so fun for me to visit. How cute is that giraffe with his legs all sprawled out :). Or those flamingos? It was honestly so fun!

I hope everyone is having a good christmas eve if you celebrate <3

Xo Jessika

CA Winter


It’s the first day of winter! Woohoo! Winter is the best because it’s Christmas then New Years then my birthday then Valentine’s Day all in a row! The only downside is the weather, thankfully California doesn’t really get cold. But it has been raining and it makes me miss the Philippines and the nice weather. I’m sorry if this is random and rambly I’m tired hahha. Have a good day guys <3 

  • Sunglasses- Kate Spade 
  • Scarf- Tillys 
  • Leather jacket- I don’t remember :(
  • Dress- Abercrombie

Monday Blues


   Who doesn’t love Mondays. Haha Monday’s get so much hate but usually I get really motivated on Sunday’s to have a good week and by Wednesday I’m over it so I prefer Monday’s to Wednesday’s. Today I wore all blue which is my fav color. When I’m lazy I usually just pair a boring outfit with a print which was plaid today. Since I live in CA it honestly doesn’t get very cold here so wearing coats like this aren’t necessary so I put a crop top under to make it more comfortable. And I am not a fan of crop tops at all usually so it was nice to try something different. Anyways I hope you guys have a great week. 

Xo Jessika 


Green + Black


When boredom strikes you take pics in your back yard, right? Ahha Maybe that’s not normal. Anyways you know that saying once you go black leather jacket you don’t wear anything else? Well it’s accurate because I think I have worn this thing every single day and honestly I don’t know if you can wash it so I haven’t. That’s probably unsanitary but on well.

On a totally random note I have an embarrassing story to tell. Yesterday I was going to this class thing at my church and I thought it started at 7:30. Turns out it started at 7 and this week the priest was talking and I walked in and said “HI!” Really loud and excited. And it was soooooo awkward! Everyone was looking at me haha and on top of it was packed so it was hard to find a place to sit hahahh. Ugh I hate when stuff like that happens but it is really funny to look back on!

Xo Jessika