Krabi | Thailand Travel Pt. 1

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Krabi is honestly so peaceful and beautiful! I love it there but it does get a little boring because there isn’t too much to do. I just swam in the ocean, it was so warm, then swam in the pool. I was only in Krabi for a couple days and I stayed at my friends home. They have homes all over the world and they are all so beautiful. I really loved going to the market it had the best fruit! I highly recommend going to markets if you are traveling around Asia because the food is so cheap and you can learn a lot about the culture.

Also when I was at the airport in Krabi I saw a sign about protecting Buddha. A lot of people now a days thing Buddha is hip and trendy so they get statues or tattoos of Him. That is actually highly disrespectful. I didn’t really know this thats why I’m sharing it. Remember that Buddhism is a religion and should be treated with respect. I know the statues are so cool and are in style but everyone should be respectful of others beliefs and religions. If you want to know more this website has the Do’s and Don’ts of Buddha:

Carryon Essentials

carryon essentials 2

Traveling is seriously my favorite thing to do! I got my first passport at 5 days old so I was basically born traveling. Over the years I have learned what I like to have on the airplane with me. Honestly the less the better because you are going to be carrying this around the airport and some airports are deceivingly big. But you also want enough to survive the flight and any layovers you may have. So heres my list of must-haves:

  1. Obviously a big to throw everything in. I highly recommend a back pack because they are so much more comfortable to walk around with. Every time I bring a normal bag I regret it because it gets so dang heavy.
  2. Entertainment. For me every time is different, sometimes I bring an ipad, or book. I usually end up bringing a lot of school work to because I have to keep up. No matter what I always bring my computer because I don’t like checking it and watching movies on it is the best.
  3. Headphones. I feel like these are pretty obvious but whenever I travel with people they never have these they always forget! I need these to listen to my music or watch tv.
  4. A neck pillow. I cannot sleep with out one of these on the airplane. Sometimes I put my neck pillow on the tray and sleep on it. Its so comfortable!
  5. Passport. I never travel without mine and again this is pretty obvious but if you forget this then you are pretty much screwed.
  6. Snacks. I always end up getting hangry while flying and the snacks on the airplane can be so expensive so I always bring my own. Warning: If you are traveling internationally do not bring fruit haha one time when I was flying to Thailand I brought an apple and seriously I might as well have brought a bomb! They started freaking out and took it away! I had no idea what they were trying to say too so it was just awkward haha I didn’t think it was a big deal I just wanted a snack! It was a really funny experience but learn from me don’t bring fruit on an international flight!
  7. Eye mask. depending on when you flight is or how jet lagged you are the airplane might not have their lights off when you want to sleep so bringing a eye mask is so nice when you are trying to catch some Zzzz’s.
  8. Socks. I cannot fly without fuzzy socks. They are so comfy and my feet get so cold on the airplane so these are a must have for me.

Those are my carryon essentials and I just wanted to point out that I didn’t mention some obvious ones like your wallet, phone, chargers, etc. So don’t forget those. Thank you for reading! :)

Skincare 101 | Tips, Routine, Esstentials

Skincare is super important to me and Im obsessed with keeping my skin perfect at all times… but that is not realistic at all! I have tried so many things to keep my skin clear and Ive had some definite hits and misses. I will say I don’t usually get crazy acne or anything but when I moved from CA to the Philippines my skin went CRAZY. I did not know what the heck happened but that experience helped me lock down my skincare essentials. I will tell you guys my skincare tips and routine. Just a disclaimer that everyone is completely different so just because this works for me doesn’t mean it will work for you. Also I have crazy dry skin so if you have oily skin this might not work for you.

The Products

Coconut oil– This is my holy grail product. If you take one thing from this post it should be this! I will do a whole post on how amazing this stuff is soon.

Honey– brightens skin. all natural. super cheap. no weird products you can’t pronounce.

Philosophy’s micro delivery exfoliator– amazing! You can also make your own exfoliator with sugar and olive oil or coconut oil, which I did for a while but it became a pain to do every single night.

Tea tree oil– ouch!! this stuff hurts but it works really well!

Mac studio moist cream  Im not a huge fan of macs face products personally but I freaking love this stuff

The Routine


  1. Start by removing your makeup with coconut oil. I use cotton circles from target but thats optional of course.
  2. Wash face with honey. I usually leave it on while I brush my teeth because I feel like it helps soak in haha.
  3. Then I exfoliate with my philosophy exfoliator. I do this every night because my skin is so dry it needs it and the exfoliator is gentle enough to use every night.
  4. Every now and then I use tea tree oil as a toner, mostly if my skin is getting bad. Warning this is painful so start with a little to get use to it. I know people who use it every night but I only do it about once a week.
  5. Then after that I put coconut oil all over my face. I suggest doing this awhile before you go to bed because it might cause your pillow to get all greasy. If you want to go straight to bed I suggest a moisturizer like the Mac studio moist cream.


Honestly my morning routine is super lazy so I almost didn’t put it in but this what I do.

  1. Splash my face with water. Sometimes I will wash my face with honey but if I have to work in the morning Im too lazy.
  2. Moisturize with my Mac studio moist cream. I use to use coconut oil but I think If I put makeup on right after it kind of ruins the makeup. Which makes sense because its a really good makeup remover.

The Tips

Water!– I know you’ve probably heard this before but just incase you haven’t drinking more water really does help your skin.

Diet– No don’t go on a diet! But you really are what you eat so try to eat clean. And if you have food allergies it can actually show in your face. So if you notice you break out every time you eat cheese or something you might have an allergy.

Breathe– Breakouts happen… Its okay ahha. Sometimes you can’t do anything about it and thats okay. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Thank you for reading! If you have any skin tips leave them below :)

Old Sac | Labor Day Weekend


Labor day this year was filled with fun, friends and funnel cake. Honestly labor day isn’t something I really think about it just kind of happens every year and most of the time I use the day off watching Netflix and eating ice cream. One of the highlights of the weekend was going to Old Sac with my friend Angel. She is amazing and also has a blog! You guys have to check it out, her makeup and photos are ALWAYS on point. We walked around old sac, went to stores, ate some funnel cake. There was also this weird gold rush thing going on, so actors were walking around and acting like we were in the gold rush. It was really funny to me so we definitely had a good laugh. And now we must get back to our regular routines :(


Top- Abercrombie

Shorts- Abercrombie

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I tried the finger bite thing.. I think I nailed it
I thought this photo was soo funny I had to add it! haha
My beautiful friend, Angel.

SLO Chill


Last week I went on a little beach trip with my best friend Becca. We went to San Luis Obispo (SLO) which is literally my favorite place in the entire world! Since summer is coming to an end we wanted to relax for a couple days, It was so nice to be able to shop and sit on the beach. We went to three different beaches, Pismo, Morro Bay, and Avila. Shopped in downtown San Luis. Hiked bishops peak, which let me tell you is no joke! And visited cute coffee shops.





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Pack Up. Check In. Board.


Pack up. Check in. Board. Take off. Land. Then the heart fluttering starts, you know the adventure is about to begin. This is what you daydream about. A new playground to explore. Its like opening a present.These are the memories that stay with you forever. Seeing the world realizing that your home town is a spec in the world and seeing how different locations, or languages, or weather can change so much.

Home. usually consists of some variation of four walls and a roof. Not to me. The earth is my home. I don’t need to sleep in the same bed every night. I need to travel. I need to see the world. It reminds me of how small I am. I get humbled by every place I go to. I need adventure. I cannot stay in one place for more than 5 seconds. I need to see beautiful things and meet beautiful people.

I have a wandering soul. Everything is so temporary. People are dying every day. Every thing is changing. So you must take every single chance and not think twice about it. Fall madly in love, with the world, with yourselves, with the ones around you. Don’t worry if you will get hurt cause you will, and thats beautiful. Being hurt or broken or damaged isn’t something to be ashamed of its something to be proud of. It shows you lived and you tried and you loved.

~ Jessika Taylor

Favorites| Bikini Shops


Since it is officially summer I wanted to tell you about my favourite places to buy bikinis! I absolutely love bikinis and swimming and the ocean so I thought this would be perfect! I wanted to tell you my favourite cheap bikinis and more expensive bikinis. So without further ado lets get into it!

Forever 21- I think forever 21 bikinis are under estimated. They are ridiculously cheap and super trendy. I will say they sometimes bleed and may only last one summer but if you are still growing and want lots of bikinis this is the perfect place for you.

Rip Curl, Oneill, Volcom – Im putting these under the same category because they are pretty similar brands and can be found at any surf shops. You can also find these brands at stores like Tillys and Pacsun. These bikinis are slightly price but they are really good quality. These are probably my favourite bikinis. These are perfect if you surf or swim.

Zennor – They are 4 way reversible! you basically get 4 bikinis in one! They have some of the cutest patterns and are reasonably priced. But they are based out of Britain so you will have to order online if you aren’t from there and it may take a while to ship.

L*space – This is a pricey bikini shop but it is so cute its worth it! My fav thing about this shop is that you can design your own bikini! So when your friends ask where you got your bikini you can say I made it myself.