Messy Twisted Braid

Im freaking obsessed with braids and fall and downtown. So all of them mixed together made me so happy! I wore my hair in a messy twisted braid thing I had free handed in the morning. I didn’t even look in the mirror I just went with it. I actually love how it turned out. But it is a lil messier than I like and there are some bobby pins out of place, oh well!

The morning of this photo sesh was crazy! You know those days when everything just goes wrong? Ya it was one of those days. When I went to pick up my friend Angel, who is the amazing photographer that took these photos, I was super low on gas and my card kept getting declined and i didn’t know why because I had money in the account. I ended up having to call my bank 3 different times to figure out what happened and we were stranded at the gas station with creepy guys who were trying to talk to us. And it was a little scary because they were doing the normal gross guy stuff like wolf whistling and saying gross stuff, but they were also coming up to the windows of the car. We just locked ourself in there and ignored it.Ugh some people are just so annoying. And then when we finally got downtown, we were trying to park and every parking meter we found was out of order! We had to park at 5 different spots till we found one that finally worked! And then when we finally got to taking photos the place we wanted to take photos at was closed! It got to the point where it was just funny! In situations like that you have to just laugh. Well anyways that was my Saturday. Pretty exciting huh hahah

XO Jessika


Happiness Hacks

Fun fact: I’m soooo sensitive. I put up a a strong front always but I can get sad so easily. Like if I think about how meat is made for too long I will cry like a baby! I’m not joking! I like to be happy and bubbly all the time though so I have figured out some tips to nip my sadness in the bud.

Some of these are weird but I swear they work haha I do them like every day :)

  1. Tilt your head up- The thought is this will keep your tears from escaping aha Idk if thats true but it sometimes helps
  2. Pinch you head- Pinch the web of skin ( that sounds so gross ” web of skin ” ewwww ) between your finger and thumb really hard. This honestly works so well! I don’t know the logic behind it but I love it.
  3. 3 happy things- Thinking of 3 things that make you happy or that you are grateful for can give your attitude a serious change around.
  4. Photos- Looking at old photos of happy times can make you happy! Or even just cute photos of puppies works for me.
  5. Get distracted- Focus on something else. Hang out with friends. anything.
  6. Run- This is my favorite. Whenever I am sad, or happy, or just feeling anything I have to run! I go on like three runs a day. Im not even a good runner I just use it to get out, listen to music, and think about everything.

Eatuscany Caffé

This friday I went to the best gelato place ever! I never really knew the difference between gelato and ice cream honestly but this place makes me like gelato ten times more. I went with my amazing friend Angel, who also has a blog! Hers is like ten times better than mine so you should check it out. We love hanging out and taking photos.

On another note I got a notification that my blog has been getting more traffic and that makes me so happy! People actually read this thing? I just like to post my photos and feelings haha. I hope people enjoy this randomness I know I love doing it :)

XOXO Jessika

Shirt~ Nordstrom |  Jeans~ Abercrombie |  Shoes~ Calvin Klein

Am I Crazy? | Spread the Love


we need more happy moments with happy friends

I don’t get why people are so mean. It honestly blows my mind sometimes. Let me start this off by saying I am by no means the nicest person alive! I definitely do some not so nice things but I never ever ever want to intentionally hurt someone. My heart could not take it I swear.

Today I realized that this is not how all people think. Call me delusional but I honestly thought everyone had mostly good intentions, at least everyone I know. There is a girl that I know that a lot of people feel is annoying or rude or whatever. From what I gather she has never done anything specifically wrong, just says or does some things that annoys people. I always try to be friendly to everyone even if they can be annoying because honestly who isn’t annoying sometimes? After we were done hanging out some of my friends were saying some not so nice things about her. This affected me so much. Why would these people waste the energy being so negative? They don’t even know her. What if she is going through something that makes her act a certain way? I am a firm believer that your only job in life is to love and support and educate everyone around you. I feel like karma has a good way of teaching lessons to those who need it and it isn’t our jobs to do that.


Am I crazy? Am I crazy because I don’t think it’s okay to make judgements about this girl even though she does things I wouldn’t do? Am I crazy because I don’t want to be around people who don’t like her simply because she is annoying? I think most people reading this would say “No you aren’t crazy, that is normal”. But it’s shocking how many people do this. Make judgements and spread negativity for no reason. I don’t get why people are so sympathetic to those with depression or eating disorders but they were the ones saying rude comments to cause those things. Do people not understand that rude comments on social media or in real life actually affect people? And just one word can set someone off? Do people not see the cause and effect of bullying? People are so easy to judge and make remarks about others and are shocked when they find out that they become depressed or suicidal? Because news flash words freaking hurt!


ummmm… how beautiful is this genuine smile??

One time I was “hanging out” ( ;) ) with a guy and he said “You should consider doing some squats”. And honestly I will NEVER be able to forget that. He was a pretty nice guy and he had never said anything like that before so it was so shocking. He was also a teenage boy so I don’t think he understood how hurtful that could be but it hurt so bad. It’s so weird how simple things like that can stick with you, right? I’m sure everyone has had multiple moments like that before, I know I have. So next time you want to say something rude about someone else remember a time when someone said something to hurt your feelings. Because I hope that I never ever ever make anyone feel less of a person just because they do something I wouldn’t do or because I don’t like them.

If you don’t like someone that’s totally fine! But the least you could do is not hurt them in anyway. And if you’re thinking it’s okay I wouldn’t ever say this to their face remember that things have a way of getting around and that can be ten times more hurtful. If anyone is reading this and going through anything please feel free to email me or leave a comment. Please think twice before you say something about someone because you never know what’s really going on.


Nederland is een prachtig land

Amsterdam was very interesting! I loved walking around and exploring but I suggest being careful and knowing where you are going! I ended up in the red light district like four times and it was truly scarring haha. I know its one of the safest places but I didn’t expect it. There was a fair going on in the Dam and it was one of the highlights of the trip. I love fairs! If you ever go to Amsterdam don’t expect to be healthy at all. I ate so many stroopwafels they were amazing. Also bring walking shoes and watch out for bikers they are so mean. If people accidentally got in there way they would literally run into people and hit them. Over all this was one of my favorite places I’ve visited its so charming and I could walk around the city all day.


  • Bring walking shoes. You will walk so much!
  • If you want to bring stroopwafels home buy them at a grocery store it is cheaper.
  • If you plan on going to the Anne Frank house buy tickets online way in advance. I couldn’t go because it was completely sold out and the wait was like 3 hours long
  • The above applies to the Rijksmuseum but its definitely not as crowded so you should be able to buy them online a couple days in advance and there was no line when I was there
  • Watch out for bikes
  • If you go to the red light district which I actually recommend because its ineresting ( just know you are going there because I ended up there on accident and I was shocked haha ) don’t take photos!
  • Go to the bathroom before you go exploring because it costs money to use public restrooms! so rude
  • If you go during the spring go to the Bloemenmarkt, sadly I went when it was not in season so all they had were wooden flowers :(


Some people are Europe people, some people are museum people I am a tropics person. I want to sit on the beach or hike in the jungle. I wan to be surrounded by green trees and bright flowers. I just can’t get enough of it. I want to explore every island, scuba dive everywhere in the world!


Tan in Pink

Casually chilling by the pool with pink lipstick haha

Tanning at the pool is all fun and games until you get old and get wrinkles! So in order to stay tanned and keep your skin healthy I recommend self tanning. Honestly I never use to be into the whole tanning hype but when I moved to the Philippines I suddenly wanted to be tan all the time. Which is funny because there they want to be lighter. Like they literally bleach their skin and stuff. My favorite self tanner is the TanTowels. They are these towelettes that you wipe on your body and in 4 hours you get tan! Its so easy I highly recommend them if you are lazy and want to get a little tan. Also I have never seen any streaking or anything but the product is clear so make surer you get it all over your body and use circular motions. And wash your hands after haha

Btw this isn’t sponsored at all I just loved the product.